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What is a Whole House Surge Protector?

It’s always a good idea to install additional protection for your home. After all, on top of your family’s safety, you wouldn’t want your home to be in danger, right?

This is why additional extra precautions exist to help in maintaining the safety of your home against any imaginable and unimaginable kinds of attacks or harms possible. This includes your electrical systems, Considering the fact that power can be one of the greatest sources of damage.

There are plenty of ways to keep your private spaces extra safe and extra secure. There are scenarios and instances that are unpredictable every day. You will never know when it will rain or flood. Sometimes lightning and other calamities damage power sources that can also carry over damage to your home. One of the ways that your electricians can do this is by installing a Whole House Surge Protector.

Surge Protectors are devices that protect your home from voltage spikes. They’re designed to block the flow of excess voltage. On the other hand, Whole House Surge Protectors is much like your regular Surge Protectors. However, they operate on a bigger scale and they are designed to protect your entire home. Most homes may have Surge Protector strips, but only a few houses have Whole House Surge Protectors installed.

In reality, all homes should have the Whole House Surge Protector. There are plenty of gadgets and devices that are left unprotected from voltage surges. The absence of a Whole House Surge Protector can spell out damages to your appliances due to the over-pumping of power with limited electrical capacity. Imagine the damages to your electronics and the cost of replacing these instead of just installing a precaution from the very start.

These kinds of protectors for your home safety can protect sensitive electronics. The circuit boards of your common house appliances like refrigerators, televisions, computers, etc., can be susceptible to damage because in the occurrence of a power surge. These damages can shorten or completely destroy these appliances in your home. As such, a Whole House Surge Protector can protect the gadgets in your home.

You might double-think on having a Whole House Surge Protector installed because of the initial cost. As an installation that protects your entire home, some of these can cost a lot in the beginning. Coupled with installation costs, the price seems a bit high. However, as an investment to protection for your home, having this kind of surge protection from voltage excess can benefit you more than the cost that will come out of your pockets.

Since a lot of precautionary measures need to be done before, during and after installation of your Whole House Surge Protector, you will need an expert electrician or your local electrical technicians to install the protective devices in your house. It is directly connected to your electrical panels. The installation of this device requires expertise as it will fail if not properly installed. On the worse scenario, it can damage your electrical system.


Keeping your home safe is a big responsibility. You are putting an expensive property on the line. Moreover, you are protecting yourself and your loved ones who live with you. As such, you’ll need nothing but the best to take care of your electrical concerns like surge protective measures in your home. It might pose as an additional expense to you but making sure that lives are out of danger surely makes surge protector installations incomparable.

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