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Switchboard Upgrade Installation

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Switchboard Upgrade Installation

A professionally installed safety switch is integral to the protection of your property and the safety of people in your home or workplace. When adding to or modifying any power or lighting circuits in an existing installation the installation of a safety switch is mandatory for compliance and safety reasons. Essentially, fuses and circuit breakers will only protect against short circuit fault conditions and are in place to prevent electrical fires or dangerous situations occurring. However, technology has come a long way since these devices were designed and we now have the option to protect against earth leakage with safety switches.

Safety switches monitor the flow of electricity on the active and neutral conductors and ensure that there is no leakage to the protective earth conductor. When leakage is detected which means that either the active, neutral or both conductors have a path to ground a safety switch will detect this and disconnect the supply of electricity to ensure that human beings and properties are safe and protected.

Safety switches have been proven throughout history to save lives and protect properties from dangerous electrical faults, the importance of safety switches cannot be stressed enough.

Main Earthing Electrode

It is also important to check the earthing system of an electrical installation as many aged installations carry a 4mm equipotential bond to the water pipes which is no longer compliant. This standard was updated as when plumbers were cutting the main water copper pipes in order to complete repairs, they were unbeknownst disconnecting the electrical installation from ground. If a property had a fault on a circuit when this happened, it would cause voltage to be present resulting in the electrocution and death of many plumbers.

If you are unsure of your electrical switchboard or main earthing conductor book your safety inspection today and rely on the advice of our friendly and professional electricians.

Don’t wait until it’s too late or put your property or family’s safety at risk by not ensuring that your electrical switchboard is safe and compliant.

Upgrading systems from small domestic switchboards to large industrial three phase switchboards rest assured that no matter the installation we are here to help!

Re-wiring Electrical Installations

Before you jump in to renovating your home it should be known that all electrical circuits are not made equal. Often older homes, which are so prime in today’s real estate market for renovation have smaller conductors installed that have a lower currency carrying capacity. What does this mean? It means that they can’t carry the same amount of power through the circuit. Why is this important? Because in today’s digital world we have so many appliances plugged in that didn’t exist years ago.

Occasionally we do come across homes throughout the Hills District and in those instances we analyses what the existing cabling can handle safely without causing issues such as circuits tripping due to overloading.

In the past our demand for multiple appliances, automation, lighting, air conditioning and hot water was much less than it is today and some homes simply cannot the increased load without upgrading the existing cabling including the consumer mains to ensure that enough amperage can be supplied to the electrical installation.Powered by

If your switchboard/meter box is on the older side, it may not be able to support the latest electrical appliance you have. Let your Hills District Electrician help you upgrade it according to the recommended specifications, the number of appliances within your home and the design of your electrical system.

Don’t leave it too late to replace or upgrade your Switchboard/meter box.

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