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Smoke Alarm Installation

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Smoke Alarm Installation

When it comes to fire safety, smoke alarms are a must have in your home and office. Did you know it is now required by Australian law to have smoke alarms installed in residential properties? Why? Because they have proven to save thousands of lives every year. There are two main types of smoke alarms used in Australia, Photoelectrical alarms and Ionization smoke alarms.

Photoelectric alarms are more sensitive than ionization smoke alarms. They are designed to detect even the smallest amount of smoke. With this, Photoelectric smoke alarms are highly effective in detecting a fire before it gets out of hand and quite often before it turns life threatening. For this reason, Australian government and Australian Fire experts recommend photoelectric smoke detectors in households.

Installing smoke alarms inside your home or business, could very well save the life of you, your family and your employees. We can help you identify the perfect fit with the latest smoke alarms available on the Australian market. It is our job to keep you and your property safe. Don’t wait until it is too late. Call us today!

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