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Simple Tips About Extension Cords That You Should Know

One of the most common things you’ll have to purchase for your home is electrical extension cords.

They’re useful for your gadgets and for providing a channel of electricity to places that your wall outlet plugs can’t reach. They also provide extra space for you to be able to power your other gadgets and things. In your home outdoor areas, you might have limited access to electricity, so having good extension cords can be beneficial to you.

However, you can make those cords more beneficial still. There are tips and tricks that you can do in order to maximise the use of your extensions cords and minimise damages. At the same time, you can use them safely and free from imminent threats or danger. Get to know some ways and methods of using your extension cords. These are things you should know:

Only use tape to keep extension cords in place

You might think of having a permanent position for your extension cords to keep it in place. One option you’ll consider is using staples or nails to keep it tightly secure. Don’t do this. It might end up damaging the wirings and causing unnecessary injuries to everybody around. Instead, use normal tapes to keep your extension cords firmly. Just find a way to keep it less tacky and moveable.

Don’t place extension cords under rugs

Keeping your extension cords under the rugs might make it a better and safer option in your head. However, avoid doing this. You might end up tripping further with an unknown cord coming out from under. Also, keeping your extension cords under the rug will heat it up faster, making it more susceptible to further damage. Make sure to prevent overheating by placing it out and about but safely in place.

Always pull the extension cords from outlet

Many, especially children, love to play with wires. As such, your extension cords might turn out as a toy that can be pulled via wire from the outlet. Your extension cord will end up being more damaged as it is being pulled from the extension rather than the outlet itself. The wirings of the cord will also thin out faster than expected. Moreover, the plug can also be destroyed by pulling it out by force via the wires.

Never overload extension cords

One of the most common causes of house fires is the overloading of outlets. This includes your extension cords. These cords have a capacity to provide electricity in its outlets, however, to keep it safe, unplug all devices that aren’t in need of electricity. The fewer gadgets plugged in, the better it is for your cords. Avoid future damage and threat to your home by being responsible for taking out unnecessary plugged-in devices.

Don’t plug an extension cord in another extension cord

It sounds a bit like inception, but really, using another extension cord to power extension cord is highly discouraged. It causes damage to equipment that needs electricity. It also causes damage to the cords itself. You expose yourself to the potential of fire and electrocution when you do this. So don’t do it.

Replacing your extension cords

When your extension cords are showing signs of wear and frays, it shows that it might be slowly being damaged from continued use. When this happens, it’s time to buy another one. Taping it over or having an extra wrap around the wirings can probably help but the extension cord might end up being a further cause to danger.


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