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Safety Tips in Handling a Defective Electric Transformer

Safety measures in operating equipment emitting high voltage is a priority. One mistake in handling electrical transformers may lead to equipment failure and unwanted fatalities.

Electrical transformers are machines that transmit electricity from one circuit to another with varying voltage levels but no change in frequency. It helps improve power system safety and efficiency by raising and lowering voltage levels.

In a wide range, transformers are very useful to residential and industrial applications in distributing and regulating power across long distances. However, it is also a critical component that can cause high risks — making annual inspection essential.

The regular checking and maintenance help electricians find existing electrical issues earlier to minimise system failures and fire hazards. Additionally, when electricians do the transformer maintenance, they pay attention to ISO 9001 requirements and UL, CUL, VDE, CE. With this standard, it will secure a safe working environment for both the equipment and the electricians.

Here are the safety tips to follow upon dealing with a defective electric transformer.

Reminder: Shut Off Power 

In fixing or operating any maintenance work in a transformer, shutting off the power or tagging out the power of the equipment must be undertaken. Shutting the power off is necessary to ensure that there is zero or no leakage of current or continuity between the current source and the system. In that way, the expected danger will be avoided.

Inspect the Transformer’s Faulty Parts

Before installation, check your electrical transformer thoroughly. Search if there’s any burnt smell, damaged power cords and connectors, and improperly installed parts to prevent or minimise breakdowns.

Gear Up Personal Protective Equipment

It has long been known that electricity causes hazard, electrical shock, electrocution, burns, fires, and explosions. That’s why, when dealing with power, it’s a requirement to gear yourself with appropriate protective equipment specially made to ensure safety when working on a high voltage electrical transformer.

Follow Equipment’s Standards

Pay close attention to precise ratings about the voltage output of the transformer. Do not alter the overcurrent protection of conductors and circuits from the transformer in order to increase the permissible current. The overcurrent protection as per the equipment specifications should be maintained to the correct level.

Maintain Transformer Grounded

Always ensure that transformer grounding should be positioned in place. This is necessary to prevent accumulating static electricity. Grounding also protects the windings to be in contact with the enclosure or core.

Keep Extra Things Away

If doing an inspection periodically, always ensure to keep away any foreign nuts, unnecessary tools, bolts, or spare parts to fall into the transformer in order to avoid damages.

Avoid in Contact with Moisture

All of the electrical transformer’s components must be kept away from moisture at all times. Always keep your transformer dry and free from water as it is proven to be hazardous when in contact.

Set Up Caution Signs

To protect the onlookers in the streets, set up caution signage near the electrical transformer warning people to stay away from workplace hazards or danger.

Be Cautious of System Overloading

Anyone who handles the electrical transformer should be familiar enough with the requirements of the maximum voltage usage. Be careful about system overload from one single transformer knowing that multiple transformers help balance the impedance of each load.

Inspect Again

If the electrical transformer begins to function irregularly or abnormally after a repair, inspect again. Shut the power off, unplug all the cables and power cords and remove the transformer from the system so that the problem can be analysed.


An electrical transformer is a handy device that can also be associated with several risks. With that, it is essential to take necessary safety precautions to prevent any damage to machinery, electrical fire or fatal accident and ensure the operation is remaining up and running.

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