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Power Points, Switches & Dimmers

Apart from aesthetics, the main reason to replace your faulty switches is of course for the safety of both you and your family. As power points and switches age they become brittle as the plastic deteriorates. Once this happens the rate of risk increases dramatically. The electrical components behind the switch or power point can also become exposed leading to direct contact with live electrical parts.

You may also find the plate has come away from the wall or perhaps the switch has broken, both of these situations can lead to direct contact with live electricity with the results potentially having a devastating consequence.

Replacing your power points and switches is cost effective and can be done so easily, there is no reason to put it off any longer!

Our team have a range of switches onboard. We support local brands and also use the best products on the market to ensure we are delivering quality finishes to your home. Regardless of your budget and specification we have a product to suit. This said, when choosing power points and switches it’s important to remember that despite having such a varied range to choose from, it is always our recommendation to choose reputable brands ensuring you can be confident that the product you have purchased will last in our harsh Australian environment.


Don’t forget!  It is our recommendation to install a safety switch to protect against electrocution should a someone come into contact with live parts. Having a functional safety switch installed will ensure the power will trip and avoid the potential consequences. Safety switches are an important part of any electrical installation and are now compulsory on all electrical sub circuits in new installations or when modifications occur to existing electrical systems.

Contact us today to arrange a free onsite visual inspection of your home or business.  We can identify problem areas and provide you with helpful advice on any electrical issues that we find.

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