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Level 2 Electrician Nelson

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We focus on delivering a personalised service throughout the Hills District of nelson. Providing a trusted local service to the community and exceed customer satisfaction on every job.

Level 2 Electrician Nelson

Level 2 electricians have additional training provided by the government, which certifies them to work with the power network in your suburb. Hills District Electrician can service customers who need to disconnect and reconnect existing premises to the main network, repair faults, install electricity meter boxes, and connect service line to the suburb network and energise the equipment.

Our level 2 electricians have a cable truck to access overhead lines and perform their job. They can also trim overhanging branches and protect the cables from any accident. We have been successfully providing level 2 electrical works to Nelson suburb. Our electricians are passionate about their job and pay attention to every detail and demonstrate expertise.

Overhead power

The electricity is supplied to your home or business through the power grid, poles, and electricity cables. We are experts in overhead services, temporary supply, installing builder’s poles, and underground services. Call us first if you need electricity from either an underground or an overhead reticulated system. We take care of everything, from installation to supply and future metering, and don’t leave until our job is done. Whether you have a huge commercial project or just need temporary power supplies, we are readily available to evaluate the task at hand and suggest the services required to get the best results. From start to finish, we are on time and within your budget. Our level 2 electricians have the necessary certifications and follow current guidelines as they commit to working every day with your safety at the top of mind.

Underground services

Hills District Electrician level 2 workers are well-qualified and experienced in excavating service mains and handling underground works. We also offer meter connections services for new and existing units. We have our own equipment that saves your time and money and enables us to do your underground services quickly, efficiently, and within budget.

Metering services

Hills District Electricians are authorised to perform all metering services including switchboard upgrades, setting up separate supplies for rentals, and installing electric metering equipment. It is advantageous to choose a highly respectable and recognised electrical services provider, particularly for metering services. When you have a tight timeline and a large project to complete, choose our practised contractors who focus on professionalism, experience, and safety while installing your metering equipment.

Besides these services, we can assist you in any situation such as office renovations, relocation, a new project set up and big switchboard upgrades, where power stability is critical. Contact our 24-hour emergency service when you need quick response during flood, storm, or any other crisis. We offer repair work by professional linemen who can implement disaster management and get your office or home back into business as soon as possible.

If you are based in Nelson or surrounds and require the services of a level 2 electrician, give us a call today. Whatever is your electrical services requirement, Hills District Electrician will surely deliver.

Get in touch with us for a licensed level 2 electrician today on 0478 712 893!

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