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Experiencing frequent voltage spikes in your home! Need to fix the damaged wiring system of your office urgently! To protect your homes and commercial spaces from unwanted electrical hazards and risks, get an experienced and qualified electrician to solve your electricity related problems. At Hills District Electrician, our industry-trained, qualified and licensed electricians are available 24/7 to handle all types of electrical problems in Nelson. With over 15 years of industry experience, we have the expertise, latest tools and commitment to carry out all kinds of residential and commercial work with utmost safety and promptness.

Whether you require a level 2 electrician or an emergency electrician, our expert electricians are always ready to provide the best quality, quick and the most effective electrical solutions. Call us to book an appointment and we assure you the best quality service for a wide-ranging electrical fault, repairs, replacements, and installations in Nelson at an affordable rate.

Switchboard Repair, Upgrade, Installation Nelson

Do you have all the modern gadgets and appliances? Are you sure the existing switchboards are enough to cope with the electrical load required for the smooth running of these gadgets?

Do not wait for an accident to happen! Older switchboards are not equipped to handle the load of modern gadgets. Call our trained electricians today and get your switchboards tested and inspected anywhere in Nelson. Our qualified team of experts are ready around the clock to repair, upgrade or install new switchboard as per the situation demands and ensure a safe environment for you and your family.

Security CCTV and Alarms Nelson

In today’s day and age, video surveillance has become a necessity to protect your property and deter probable vandalism and theft threat. At Hills District Electrician, we have highly trained and licensed personnel in Nelson to provide customers with the best quality and highly reliable CCTV and alarm systems. Be it your home or commercial space, our experts in Nelson are well equipped with the required tools and expertise to design the perfect surveillance and alarm system, so that your property is protected round the clock.

Call us and our highly trained security consultant will be at your doorstep anywhere in Nelson. We will customise the right security solution for your property and our certified technician will install the surveillance system in no time. Your safety is our priority, hence, we are always ready and committed to providing the best security system for you and your loved ones.

Power Surge Protectors Nelson

With all the latest gadgets and appliances, a sudden voltage spike is the last thing you need. Lightning strike, tripped circuit breakers, faulty or damaged wires, power outages, the reasons for a power surge are many and a sudden strike might cause your entire electrical system to breakdown. Do not wait for one! Call Hills District Electrician to install a surge protector device in your property in Nelson. We are ready 24/7 to inspect your location and take the necessary action to provide you with an electrical hazard-free environment.

Ceiling Fans Nelson

At Hills District Electrician, along with 100% customer satisfaction, we also understand the importance of energy efficiency and affordability. To avoid excessive use of air conditioning in the hot summer months, we recommend you to use our ceiling fans. By installing these fans in your homes, you will not only be saving on your electricity bills, but you will also be protecting the environment from potential harm. Book an appointment with our electricians in Nelson immediately, and let them install the best quality ceiling fans, so that you can keep enjoying your surroundings in a more cost-effective and energy efficient way!

For a wide-ranging, best quality electrical services such as, switchboard repair and installation, phone line installation and repair, security CCTV and alarm installation, installation of a chandelier, LED lights, ceiling fans and emergency lights and exits, get in touch with our team of industry trained professionals in Nelson.

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