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Level 2 Electrician Middle Dural

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We focus on delivering a personalised service throughout the Hills District of middle dural. Providing a trusted local service to the community and exceed customer satisfaction on every job.

Level 2 Electrician Middle Dural

Some electrical work such as installation, maintenance and repair of overhead and underground power lines should only be carried out by level 2 electricians. Standard electricians are not authorised to perform these tasks. At Hills District Electrician, we have trained electricians, holding level 2 certifications, who can provide any type of electrical services. If you are looking for skilled level 2 electricians in Middle Dural, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your search is over. We are licensed electric service providers with level 2 accreditation electric contractors and offer electrical services that aren’t easily available to customers.

Underground services

Sometimes service lines installed underground requires excavation to be carried out from within your premises to the external boundary where a pole connection can be done. Our level 2 electricians can install service cables within the area while following the strict guidelines.

Connecting power lines to electrical mains

Our expert level 2 electricians can connect power lines from your property with the main electricity network. They can also disconnect and reconnect both underground and overhead lines.

Upgrade existing load

Switchboard upgrades should be done by a level 2 electrician. When upgrading existing load, power must be disconnected before it is again reconnected after the work is done. Our level 2 electricians can also establish new mains connection with the network.

Overhead services

Power reaches your premises through a network of overhead cables. The cable can run from the outside street pillar to either a pole within your premises or to the mounting bracket installed at the roof or fascia of your property. By hiring our level 2 electrician in Middle Dural, you can rest assured that all the overhead cable connections will be done reliably and securely.

Repair damaged cables

The scorching summers and boiling temperatures in Australia can damage electricity cables. This might expose copper wires to open air and cause serious hazards. A repair is required immediately and Hills District level 2 electricians are authorised to do this job.

Defect notices

Power supply authorities issue defect notices when a part of your electrical system is defective and hence, declared unsafe or not usable. You need to employ a level 2 to repair these defects usually within 2 weeks or your electric supply will be cut off. If you have been issued a defect notice, we can help! Just call us and we will send our certified electrician to your doorstep right away.

Temporary builders supply

If you own a construction site, you need a TBS (temporary builders supply) installed at your property to supply electricity while your property is still under construction. Our level 2 electricians can set up TBS at your site and ensure that your building work is not hindered.

These are some of the high-risk electric work that demand qualified and trained level 2 electricians. Contact us any time, any day for specialised electric jobs in Middle Dural.

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