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Underground and Overhead Power Supply

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We focus on delivering a personalised service throughout the Hills District of Sydney. Providing a trusted local service to the community and exceed customer satisfaction on every job.

Underground and Overhead Power Supply

With a dedicated team of experts, available 24/7, 365 days a year, you can be guaranteed a quick response from our team at Hills District electricians. Level 2 Certified, we are able to replace your overhead and underground service cables if and when you need.

What is an overhead powerline service cable?

 Overhead service cables comprise of conductors that allow for the flow of electricity. These cables are suspended by timber or steel poles, with the service cable having the capacity to carry your electrical supply over rather long distances. These powerlines run to your own homes meter box.

What is an underground powerline service cable?

 Just like overhead service cable, the underground mains are still attached to the property’s meter box, with the cables running underground and the mains sourcing its power from the street’s network.

Both of these sources can be single or three phased power depending on your needs.

Are you looking to replace your overhead lines with underground cables? Our friendly electricians can help!  We offer a complete service upgrade, replacing existing underground cables with private pillars and pits being installed if necessary.

Underground Electrical Installation Process

Our Level 2 electricians, are licensed to supply and install single and three phase overhead and underground service cables to commercial, industrial and residential premises.

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