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Defect Notice

What does it mean if you have been issued with a Defect Notice?

 Simply put, a defect notice means that part of the electricity supply to your property has become defective and requires your attention to have it rectified by an electrician.

All connections to the electricity network must comply with safety standards, which include the NSW Electricity Supply Act 1995, the Electricity (Consumer Safety) Regulation 2006 and Ausgrid’s Network Standards.  If your wiring is found to not comply with the safety standards, you could be issued with a defect notice and be ordered to repair your wiring.

Hills District electricians can help!  Our experienced Level 2 Electricians are able to help you determine why you have received a defect notice and help you to complete what is necessary to rectify the problem. Our team are your local Accredited Service Providers and can be dispatched quickly in the case of an emergency.  With 24/7 reliable emergency electricians located in all areas of Sydney’s Hills District able to quickly resolve any issue at hand.

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