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Introduction to Electrical Circuit

Power is a very vast term, however, you might have slight trouble in truly understanding the power aspect of your home.

Electricity, after all, can have many different terms and phrases that are difficult for the human mind to process. As such, an introduction of some sort is necessary for you to truly understand what is going on with the electricity in your home. Learn more about the electrical system in your house so that you can handle your power concerns well.

What is an electrical circuit?

One of the most common terms you will encounter is the term electrical circuit. It might sound a bit dangerous or complicated. However, what is it, really? An electric circuit is simply the path in which your current flows. It is the way that electricity travels through whenever you turn an appliance on. It will start from a power source, proceeding through a wire that carries it to the desired outlet, powering the device you want to fire up. That is in simple terms.

What are the parts of an electrical circuit?

Electrical circuits are made up of components that provide power such as generators and batteries. They are considered the active parts of the electrical circuit which gives energy for your home. On the other hand, more passive components also make up your electric circuits at home. These are resistors, capacitors and inductors. These passive components remain inactive until they need to do their function which is limit the flow of electricity passing by.

How does an electrical circuit work?

On a closer look, how does an electrical circuit really work? First, electrical circuits consist of three main parts which are current, voltage and resistance. Current is the flow of electricity  in an electrical circuit, while voltage is the driving force that pushes it along the path it goes through. Resistance is the one responsible for slowing down the flow of electricity in a path. It limits the flow of electricity in the circuit.

As these three are the main components of any electrical system, this is how it really works: electrical circuits bring power from a source of electricity up until the desired item you want to power up. The current flows through the path while being pushed by voltage towards where it’s supposed to go. The current experiences resistance through components that are attached to the circuit. This limits too much current from travelling through a path.

This is true for any electrical device in your home. Your power source provides you with the electricity that your electrical circuits distribute. For your home to function well, your electrical circuits should not have any damage. This avoids future accidents or dangers inside your house.

How does your electric circuit work at home?

If you’re ever curious about how electricity works at your house, this is how it is:

First, electricity comes from a power source through your power lines. This is provided by your local power provider. Electric meters read your power flow and are usually placed outside your home. Second, the main panel distributes the electricity to the different electrical circuits in your home. There are many circuits that will distribute the power through the devices and bring the electricity back to the power source in its circular flow.


With any electrical related concerns for your home, it is important to always assess first the situation. Second, call your local electrical experts to handle the job. Your safety should never be compromised via power concerns. This usually happens with electrical circuits and unseen damages they may be harbouring already. Stay safe!

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