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It’s almost unimaginable to spend a day without electricity. To keep the electricity working in your home, it is crucial to have a strong, dedicated team of an electrical service provider in your area. With over fifteen years of professional experience, Hills District Electrician provides a reliable and high-quality electrical service for electrical repairing, replacement and installation. Our team is known for instant availability and a distinguished consistency in maintaining the standards in multiple power related problems.

Protection from a power surge

Sudden voltage spikes or power eruptions coming from electric grids reduce the lifespan and deteriorates the quality of your electrical systems. Whether you are in or out of the home, leaving the system at risk of such power surges may often lead to dangerous and unpredictable accidents and casualties. Our team installs a protective device called power surge protector which safeguards the household appliances from being affected by a sudden spike in power. Get in touch with Hills District Electrician in Glenhaven for installation of power surge protectors.

Smoke alarm installation in Glenhaven

Another very important electrical installation is the smoke alarm. Australia laws make it mandatory to install smoke alarms in the residential and commercial spaces. There are two types of smoke alarms: Ionisation and Photoelectric. Photoelectric smoke alarms can detect the smallest amount of smoke before it turns to a fire break. In the offices, factories and commercial institutions where there are a huge number of people involved, it is mandatory to have a smoke alarm. Our friendly team members have years of practical experience in installation of smoke alarm systems.

Wiring in Glenhaven

The wiring system is one of the basic necessities of a house or an office. Faulty wiring or defective installation may often lead to short-circuiting. Moreover, it isn’t possible to deal with wiring problems every day. Our trained electricians of Hills District Electrician are ready to maintain, replace and install a superior quality of wiring for the new and the old buildings of Glenhaven.

Powerpoint outlet installation in Glenhaven

Multiple powerpoint installations allow charging and an even electrical supply from different power outlets of your home. It allows an even flow of current throughout your home. This saves overload of power at a particular point and thus saves from several risks associated with overloading. Hills District Electrician electricians are qualified and skilful and possess years of practical experience in installing multiple powerpoints in Glenhaven. We ensure that each power outlet is safe so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted power supply in your home.

Hills District Electrician have built a great reputation for themselves for providing unparalleled electrical service in all residential and commercial areas of Glenhaven. We also provide services for phone lines, CCTV, chandelier lights, ceiling fans, outdoor security lights and other electrical installations. We have the solution for all your electrical issues in Glenhaven.

If you are living in Glenhaven and require an electrician’s assistance, you can call the Hills District Electrician and we will attend to your site in no time.

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