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Energy Efficiency Guide: How to Lower Your Monthly Electric Cost

Electricity costs have escalated dramatically over the last couple of years. Dreading the thought of your next electricity cost, it will push you to the limit of energy-saving solutions.

Ironically, just as you’re looking for ways to cut costs, your use of electricity is likely increasing due to the global emergencies that caused people to work at home and students study online. And that implies you are in for a nasty ‘bill shock’ when the next bill for electricity comes in.

There are numerous ways of reducing energy use. Some invest in energy-efficient appliances, while others need minimal effort. By making a few small adjustments, you’ll use much less energy, and could make a difference on your next energy bill.

Here are some energy-efficient guides on how to lower your electric cost at the end of the month.

Turn On Smart-Lighting

Compared with conventional bulbs, smart bulbs are super convenient and can help you cut the amount on your power bill. In particular, if you have old incandescent or halogen light bulbs, light bulbs can contribute a surprising amount to your power bill.

In general, considering installing energy-efficient LED bulbs can be a fantastic energy saver. They do not require much electricity, unlike other types of lights. And if you forget to turn off the lights or you’re not around, you can set them up to automatically turn off.

Unplug Unused Appliances

Home electronics is consuming a shocking 75 percent of the energy when unplugged. Standby energy consumption usually comes from televisions, DVD players, stereos, computers and other kitchen appliances. One easy solution is to unplug all unused appliances to the electrical outlets or turn it off directly to the power point.

Dump Dryers: Yes to Air Dry

Dryers consume a lot of energy, and dumping them once in a while can save you quite a bit of money. For instance, dryers consume between 1,800 watts to 5,000 watts per load. Instead of turning on the dryer, you can make use of the sunlight outside, and air dry your clothes.

Hold the Heat: Seal Window and Door Leaks 

It is useful to check for leaks, openings and broken seals on your doors and windows. These openings appear in our home can go unnoticed over time – contributing to a high monthly electric bill.

Caulking, weather stripping or changing seals on your windows and doors will not let cold air enter or hot air to escape. Sealing will prevent you from spending unnecessary money, and it will improve the cozy feeling in your home.

Change Air Filters

An air filter functions by collecting particles such as dust, pollen, and lint and circulates the clean air in the heating and cooling system. An air filter will help keep the HVAC in good working order and make the central air and heating system energy-efficient.

With this, be sure to keep an eye on your air filter while you do housekeeping. The process of changing your air filters will help you ensure the optimal operation of your system that only uses less energy than a dirty filter system.

Minimise Water Heater’s Temperature

The water heater is the second biggest contributor to your electricity bill at home. This is the electronic device that is responsible for distributing hot water to sinks and showers and to doing laundry and washing dishes.

However, if you decrease the temperature a few degrees, you can save some money off your electric bill. The optimal heating temperature to set at is 120 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can lower it to save energy consumption.

Check for Defective Appliances

Malfunctioning appliances at home are an energy drain. Part of keeping them in good shape is by checking them regularly.

Ensure that all appliances are properly repaired and operated on a regular basis. Many larger appliances undergo annual check-ups to see if there is something wrong. Although it may be costly, the savings you will earn on unnecessary use of electricity and emergency repairs in the future will be all worth it.


Utilising energy makes our quarantine life at home worthwhile. But excessively obtaining its advantages come with a huge electric cost.  The energy-efficient guide will help you save money in the long run and do your part in the environment.

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