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Commercial Electrician

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We focus on delivering a personalised service throughout the Hills District of Sydney. Providing a trusted local service to the community and exceed customer satisfaction on every job.

Commercial Electrician

Looking for commercial electricians or a team that has intensive experience in handling electrical systems at commercial settings? Hills District Electrician can help bring your business back to work or get it ready for your launching date. Our commercial electricians are the best in their field with complete license and enough training to work on any wiring or cabling for malls, office and commercial buildings.

As a client, you are expected to hire the best commercial electricians to meet the demands of your business and its daily operations. At Hills District Electrician, we understand this as your primary need and we agree that only the most dependable and fast commercial electricians should work for you. This being said, we always make sure that we are the right fit for your business by giving you the assurance that:

  • We can work flexibly according to your operating hours.
  • We are always reachable and will only take minutes to come to your doorstep in any case of electrical emergencies.
  • We only provide you with affordable but durable solutions.
  • We know that time is gold, thus we finish all projects before or on time.
  • We have handled many commercial projects and all our solutions and workmanship are proven effective.
  • We find ways and offer you the cost-effective and energy-saving solutions for a quick return of investments.
  • We always look after your business by ensuring your electrical systems are safe and sound.

We conduct the following commercial electrical work

1. Surge protection

Power surge is one of the major electrical hazards to your equipment, appliances and devices. Hills District Electrician can install surge protection for your electrical system. Our skilled electricians can install it on retailer shops, malls, office and commercial buildings and even on factories where big loss of money can happen when surge destroys heavy machineries and expensive equipment.

2. 24-hour emergency service

As a business, we understand that you want a team of electricians who can respond fast with any electrical emergencies you may have. Hills District Electrician is not just your average electricians. Since we are local to this region, we can reach your building in just a matter of minutes! Our number is available round the clock. You can ease your mind that as soon as you dial our number, your electrician is very glad to answer your call and give 100% pure customer service and technical expertise you need.

3. Shop or office fit-outs and refurbishments

Our team at Hills District Electrician have done several shop or office fit-outs and can perform this task for your business with no hiccups. We can even install lighting system for you and finish it with quality results. For refurbishments, we can help renovate your facilities by conducting a thorough electrical test and can rewire your old circuits to prevent any electrical issues.

4. Low voltage lighting

Before, low voltage lighting is not strictly imposed around the world and the use of incandescent bulbs or lamps that contributes to greenhouse gas continues. Not until 2010, the Federal Australian Government announced the use of minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) for lighting. With this, Hills District Electrician introduces low voltage lighting to all its customers. And because we are passionate in protecting the environment, we can offer you clever lighting solutions that only use minimal amount of electricity. You can save money while protecting the environment as well.

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