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Chandelier Installation and Removal

From pendants to Chandeliers, we have you covered.  Chandeliers need expert hands that understand their fragility and the care required to ensure they are hung currently and cared for. Hills District Electrical provides expert Chandelier installation and removal of all types, big and small, high and low.  Chandeliers are not just for the formal areas of your home anymore.  We have installed chandeliers in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, and even wardrobes.

Replace Existing Chandelier – Your electrician will remove any existing light fixture or Chandelier and check the existing power and bracing.  Your electrician will then assemble and install your new Chandelier for you.

New Electrical Power for New Chandelier – If your new Chandelier is to be installed where there is not an existing fixture then new electrical power can be provided and ran for the new location.

Heavy Chandeliers & High Ceilings – Most Chandeliers can be installed using a ladder and one to two electricians.  No size or ceiling height is too difficult for your Hills District Electrical electrician to handle. Bracing for heavy Chandeliers will be installed and heavy Chandeliers can be outfitted with an Electric Hoist for the convenience of cleaning and changing light bulbs.

We can help with any of the following.

  • Chandelier fitting installation and removal
  • Changing delicate light bulbs in tall spaces
  • Repairing ceiling mount fixtures
  • Adjusting the height of existing ceiling mount fixtures

If you require any assistance, our friendly team is here to help today!

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