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Ceiling Fan Installation

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Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are the greenest and most affordable way to cool your home, using only slightly more power than a standard light fitting. In Australia’s climate they are the perfect item to keep your premises cool without the cost of running an air conditioner. Ceiling fans can be installed onto all types of ceilings whether they are exposed timber beams, raked or standard gyprock ceilings. Our electricians will advise of the best possible solution.

We absolutely LOVE a challenge. We have creative solutions to ensure that your ceiling fan is installed well and preferably without any conduit or clip ducting to use for cable access. Another option is to install a remote controller if installing switches is not possible due to access restrictions.

Summer & winter settings explained

 Did you know that you can reverse the direction of the ceiling fans from clockwise to anti-clockwise? This is done by moving the toggle switch on the side of the fan motor (whilst the fan is in the off position).

The standard anti-clockwise setting summer which is what most fans are set to is used as the angle of the blades when running in this direction will pull hot air to the ceiling above the fan and push the cool air down whilst also circulating airflow throughout the room.

The winter setting is typically used in winter as the name suggests. Due to the pitch of the blades when the motor rotation is reversed the opposite to the summer setting will happen. The cool air is pulled to the ceiling above the fan and the hot air pushed down.

Our team of electricians are highly qualified and experienced.  They can install your ceiling fan quickly and efficiently, getting you more comfortable in your surroundings.

Are you looking to add a feature to your living room?  Or perhaps you are looking to save money with your cooling and heating?  Ceiling fans are one of the most popular addition to homes and businesses in Australia as they are a cost effective measure in your home, helping to regulate temperatures in all conditions

Ceiling fans truly are a low-cost solution to your heating or cooling needs.

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