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Are Loose Outlet Plugs Dangerous?

When you start out planning for your new home, you might be thinking of designing it according to your desire.

You start by drafting a sketch plan or a floor plan. You start thinking of colour schemes and palettes. However, you might miss out on planning the electrical aspect of your home and as such, they become the aspects that we leave with our home constructors and builders. Issues like loose outlets can arise and you might not know what to do.

This begs the question for you as somebody who is concerned with safety and keeping your precious home as far away from danger as possible. You might start wondering just how serious one loose plug can be to the safety of your home. One loose outlet can’t be that big of a deal, right? Are they seriously a threat to your home? Are loose outlet plugs dangerous? Should you be very concerned about them?

The answer is yes. Loose outlet plugs can most of the time be the source of further injuries and threat to your home. Loose outlet plugs can be plugs that are out of the receptacle, protruding out of the wall. They can also be outlet plugs that don’t grip your appliances well enough. Another sign of a loose outlet is that your plug is too pushed inside the wall. Instead of being placed in line with the wall of your home.

Loose outlet plugs can be perilous. Especially to your other family members like children who play around a lot and use the plugs for purposes and functions like keeping their toys turned on for playtime. Any of the following can happen with any of the loose outlet plugs around:

House fires

One of the major effects of having a loose outlet plug around is a house fire. Since the outlets are loose, they become very vulnerable and open to accidents or further damage. If you subject your loose outlets to frequent movement, misalignment or further putting out of place, it can damage the plug further. The wires connected to the outlet can become very fray too. As such, it can cause overheating and start the fires that might destroy your home.

Electric shocks

Another common experience from loose outlet plugs is the occurrence of electric shocks. You might just be plugging in your mobile phone charger and then the next thing you know, you feel a sharp pang of pain in your slippery finger. Loose plugs are prone to giving shocks since its more open and more susceptible to further damage. This is especially if you keep plugging in gadgets and devices. Replace your plugs immediately if it’s starting to be loose.

Sparks and explosions

Since loose outlet plugs are very open and not secure around its receptacle, sparks and explosions can occur. Especially if that outlet is still currently on the use or is not replaced immediately. That spark and explosion can then affect your other electrical wirings and systems. Power disruptions and home fire can happen because of this. One loose outlet plug can be fatal especially if there are danger-inducing things around like liquids and plugged devices.


Loose outlets are among the leading causes of house fires. Almost 4500 house fires happen every year around Australia and having loose plugs is one of the main causes of these fires. Imagine having a loose outlet plug in the kitchen where you do all your cooking and food prepping with lots of liquids around. Things can quickly spin out of control when the loose plugs become more vulnerable.

Here at Hills District Electrician, we care for all electrical concerns in your home. Make sure that your loose outlets are in place. If they’re not, we are here to help with the problem. Safety is the key to better home management. The fewer worries you have about your home, the more family time you can have with your family. Keep your plugs in place and contact us. We provide electrical services in Hills District Sydney.

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