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5 Common Electrical Hazards in Nursing Homes

The primary goal of nursing homes is to provide safe and competent care for elders. But what if there are electrical hazards around ready to threaten the electrical safety of the residents? It is very risky.

Delivering care to seniors is a challenging process in which facility managers and staff must prepare for expected and unforeseen risks. One of those preparations is for electrical safety.

Like any typical household, a nursing home can have major threats like fire and electrocution. Without immediately noticing the existing electrical hazards, providing the highest level of care for older adults is possible but unsecured.

Here are the 5 common electrical hazards that nursing homes management should know to protect their staff and patients from possible dangers.

Poor Wiring and Defective Electrical Wires

Despite the regular cleaning routines implemented in nursing homes, critters can still find their way through nooks and crannies.

With that, it increases the chance of fire, arc faults, short circuits and other serious consequences. By remaining alert and taking measures to eliminate the damaged electrical wirings around the nursing home, these hazards can be prevented or reduced.

Furthermore, it is also best to avoid do-it-yourself electrical work if you found faulty wiring. It’s better to get professional electricians to perform electrical wiring around the place.

Utilizing Damaged Appliance 

Nursing homes contain electrical devices that make elders live more comfortable and convenient. From air conditioners to lights, medical equipment, cleaning appliances, stove and ovens in the kitchen and others, all of the appliances have a limited lifespan and can be defective someday.

Therefore, the management should ensure that the nursing homes’ appliances don’t have any damage since it’s one of the causes that could start a fire. Always remember, malfunctioning appliances are dangerous, and its usage should be halted.

Overloaded Sockets

As the population gets bigger inside a nursing home with the staff and elders occupying the same space, the usage of appliances is increasing as well. When a nursing home doesn’t have enough electrical sockets, there are tendencies of plugging many devices and adapters exceeding the maximum amps of one outlet.

Electrical emergencies are the leading cause of household fires. Moreover, electrical faults may lead to nuisance tripping, which can be inconvenient for Sydney’s daily hustle and bustle. Your electrical system can handle only a certain power point. That’s why circuit breakers (or fuses) are put in place to restrict the power that passes through your electrical system.

Extension Cords – Not a Permanent Substitute

Place the extension cords at the position where passing staff and elders can’t trip the cords or have an accident. In that way, extension cords will not be damaged.

Upon using extension cords, make sure it is in good condition and will not be a permanent substitute for sockets in your walls. Avoid plugging them with too many appliances all at once because it has only limited amps.

Outdated Wirings 

As older adults age, so do the electrical systems. Nursing homes exist to give shelter to people who don’t need to be in a hospital but can’t be cared for at home. Along with providing shelter and the many years of service, it comes with outdated wirings.

If the nursing home’s electrical system is 30 years old, the management must consider rewiring the whole place. Since it will bring more electrical problems in the future, harming the residents or the patients.


Risks associated with electrical hazards must be included in the safety management maintenance of a nursing home. For this will not just harm the residents, appliances and the whole nursing home but also the near establishments if it causes a fire. This will help care managers decide upon appropriate measures to ensure the safe use and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment.

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